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Silicone rubber impression material for industrial use

     METROLOGY Addition Silicone Casting Material

Replicate any shapes of parts quickly,necessary testing material for everyday use at manufacturing factories

The products are classified as putty and sringeable materials according to consistency

Non-toxic, odorless, safe

*Metrology-Grade Rubber, Cured in 10 Minutes

*Virtually Perfect Replica Casting of Internal and External Shapes and Cavities

*Non-Toxic, safer than fellow products

*Suitable for optical measuring, easy cut by electrician's knife

*Withstand 200°C

2. Sringeable Material (for more precise and accurate impression)

2.1. Performance 

Color (after cure): blue, gray, black

Package: cartridge (2*25ml)


Working Time at Room Temperature> 60sec

Setting Time at Room Temperature< 10min

Hardness (Shore A)blue:32±3, gray&black:22±3

Permanent Deformation %<0.2%

Dimensional Stability %<0.25

Detail Reproduction (μm)20

Tensile Breaking Strength (MPa)2.0

Temperature Stability60°C 1week

Elongation at Break %300

2.2. Sringeable Material Introduction and Attention 

Dispense a small amount of material until both the base and catalyst emerge uniformly, and then attach the mix tip to the cartridge. (Attach mixing tip (5). Align the corresponding notches. Turn the mixing tip anticlockwise 90° to lock it)

Insert AB tube: push up the lever (1) at the back of the dispensing gun and pull back the slide (2) to the end completely. Lift up the plastic lever (3), insert the cartridge and lock it by pushing down the lever (3). Make that the notches on the cartridge line up with those on the dispensing gun. (Cartridge loading and use of dispensing gun is illustrated as above figure.)

(1) Inject the material to the surface, low viscosity material has self-leveling feature. 

Keep the tip immersed to avoid trapping air and ensuring adherence to and complete coverage of the prepared surface. It takes 8-10mins to cure thoroughly at room temperature (23-25°C)

(2) Sulfur, amine and organic tin will inhibit the setting of putty. Avoid the contact with the foregoing chemicals.

(3) Temperature has significant effect on cure speed. The higher the room temperature is, the faster the cure will be. If room temperature is higher than 25 °C, keep the materials in a refrigerator prior to use. 

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